I want to create “My future”

Even if you live to the age of 100, some 770,000 hours!
How can I improve it? What do you want to realize? …………………………………..
  “Entrepreneur” and “Contribution” are one means. The purpose is “Enrichment of life”
 Fulfilling life is a dream, a challenge, a goal, an experiment, ingenuity …
 Favorite things × Specialty things × What is being asked ⇒ Liaison office
 Potential abilities emerge as it challenges “high goals”
 The enemy is “lazy self” “to give up” “to become depressed myself”
 I want you to realize 15/100 (so I want to write)
 100 wanted to die before I can not die until then!
 100 volumes want to publish by the time of death (nine previously published · unfinished 8

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