Evidence Which Proves You Deserve Workers Compensation

In a work setting,most injuries are unavoidable. That’s why there is the workers’ comp program. It’s meant to compensate you for costs incurred because of an injury. Though it looks straightforward to file an injury claim and wait for compensation,you have to show that you deserve what you are asking for. So,collecting evidence is critical.

Here are the main pieces of evidence that are necessary for proving you deserve workers compensation:

1. At-Work Injury Report

A majority of workplaces require injured workers to make a formal report immediately they suffer an injury on the job. You are expected to submit the report to your departmental head. But before you do,you should make and keep a copy to act as evidence.

2. Doctor’s Report

Once you go to the hospital,the doctor will do an assessment. When you make follow-up appointments,there will also be evaluations. All these are pieces of evidence which show you were injured and admitted to a particular hospital.

3. Witness Statements

Your colleagues play an important role in proving your workers’ comp claim. Those who were there when the accident happened (and those who helped you) can write statements for your benefit. You can provide the copies as evidence.

4. Security Footage

If possible,get footage of your work station when the injury occurred. The evidence should be able to match the injury report and witness statements.

5. Medical Bills

Lastly,your medical bills are important in showing the medical expenses that you incurred because of the injury. They are ground for asking for a specific amount as compensation for the medical costs. You should attach every copy of the bills paid out of your pocket. Make sure your workman's comp lawyer gets copies of these.

It’s irrefutable that the secret to proving you deserve workers compensation is gathering the right evidence. You need the above mentioned pieces of evidence and any other that you can find. It’s the only sure way to be compensated.

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